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 SPECIAL OFFER - Black Eagle Arrow Shafts Vintage
Black Eagle Arrow Shafts Vintage

Special Offer!!
Original price per dozen £93.48 - Now £74.95

The Vintage shaft is the first of its kind on the market.
Many serious traditional archers, and compound archers, are looking for a high quality wood grain carbon shaft, so we delivered.

Each Vintage arrows cresting is hand painted and quality inspected.
The Duracoat wood grain overlay-finish allows for refletching and cresting.

Vintage shafts are straightness sorted, spine matched, and weight matched to ensure the quality and toughness that you have come to expect.

Vintage shafts will come with:
*Standard Nock Flo Orange - 8 Grains
*Aluminum Inserts - 14 Grains

***Hot Melt is NOT recommended for use with Black Eagle Arrow Shafts***

*ALL Shafts are 34" Long Carbon to Carbon
*Straightness: 0.003" max.
*Weight tolerance: 1 grains

Spine 350, Inner Diameter .244", Outer Diameter .303", GPI 9.8
Spine 400, Inner Diameter .244", Outer Diameter .301", GPI 9.2
Spine 500, Inner Diameter .244", Outer Diameter .297", GPI 8.5
Spine 600, Inner Diameter .244", Outer Diameter .293", GPI 7.9

List Price: £93.48
Price: £74.95
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