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Badlands Recon Back Pack- AP
Badlands Recon Back Pack- AP
We went back and forth on the name of this new pack; so many times, it was a bit ridiculous.

It started as "The Bobcat" then "Wildcat" along with about thirty other species. We just thought the words, nimble, light and lethal described both Feline and this pack, incredibly well. Not to mention, they both love trees and are content to wait for their prey for hours.

However, truth be known, we are Dog people around here. Besides, this bag is so much more. With its incredible lack of weight, the Recon allows you the mobility to scout all day - through the most unreasonable terrain you can find. Providing you the best of all worlds is really what this pack is about.

Moulded Foam Suspension
Hideaway Waist Belt
Horn Holder
Tree Stand Friendly
Built In Raincover
WEIGHT: 3 Lbs 8 Oz
DIMENSIONS: 18" X 11" X 7"
Camo: APX

Price: £120.00