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Hamskea - Break- Thru Release Aid
Hamskea - Break- Thru Release Aid

The original pull through release; the Break Thru!
HAMSKEA is proud to announce that weve teamed with James Loesch on the original pull-through tension activated release; the Break-Thru.

Fielded for over 5 years, the Break-Thru has been put to the test and is the most reliable tension release on the market today. This release is simple to use and take advantage of the inherent and natural squeezing of the safety to enable the firing of the release. This is also known as a positive safety. Once the safety has been disengaged, all you have to do is pull with back tension until the release fires. Just aim and the arrows go in the middle.

Target panic is a thing of the past with the Break-Thru and is the best tool for young developing archers. Just put your kids on this release and watch their scores improve. This release teaches the proper execution of the shot via back tension. You cannot manipulate this release to fire. You cannot rotate it to get it to fire (like a hinge release), you cannot punch it as there is no external trigger and you cannot "relax" to get it to fire. You have to apply positive back tension force to overcome the spring force to fire the release.
The results are super crisp shot breaks and deadly accuracy.
Use it for tournaments or as a training aid. Either way youll be learning back tension the right way, the Break-Thru way.

See your scores "break thru" to the top with the HAMSKEA Break-Thru release.

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