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SPECIAL OFFER - Black Eagle PS23 - Dan McCarthy Arrow Shafts
Black Eagle PS23 - Dan McCarthy Arrow Shafts

Special Offer!!
Original price per dozen £150.00 - Now £119.95

The Dan McCarthy PS23 Premium Signature series shaft was developed personally by Dan McCarthy a multi IBO and ASA National and World Champion.

If you're looking for a large diameter arrow, built for competition, look no further than the PS23.
If you want tight tolerances, this arrow has them. If you want superb accuracy, get ready to see what's actually possible.
If you want easy tuning, this arrow has spine options that make tuning a breeze.
If you want a durable arrow that can take a beating, this arrow doesn't mind getting slapped around.
Simply put, the PS23 can be relied on to do what tournament archers want an arrow to do--hit their mark day in and day out!

So, if you're serious about tournament archery, try the arrow Dan McCarthy trusts; try the Dan McCarthy signature series PS23.

Precision Tolerances
The most important consideration for making deadly accurate shots is arrow consistency. Our customers frequently report tolerances tighter than we specify across the whole dozen. You will notice the difference.

Spine Matched Grouped Together Technology
We employ Grouped Together Technology to spine match each dozen arrows. This ensures precise consistency.

* Spine Deviation +/- .010 Across Dozen

Shaft Straightness
We guarantee at the specified straightness or straighter. Unlike other companies in the industry, who measure a 28" section, we measure the full length of the shaft
* .001" or Better Straightness Tolerances

Weight Sorted
We weigh and group all our shafts to ensure the perfect match. On our premium shafts we only allow for weight tolerances +/- 1 grain across the dozen, neither should you.
* +/- 1 Grain Weight Tolerance

PS23 Shafts DO NOT come with bushings, nocks, points, vanes Length (Carbon to Carbon) 32"

***Hot Melt is NOT recommended for use with Black Eagle Arrow Shafts***

Not sure what size is right for you. Check out our sizing chart.

Spine Inner Diameter Outer Diameter GPI
250 .315" .360" 9.0
300 .315" .356" 8.2
350 .315" .354" 7.9
400 .315" .353" 7.3
500 .315" .349" 7.1

List Price: £150.00
Price: £119.95

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