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Axcel - Armortech HD Pin Sight
Axcel - Armortech HD Pin Sight

Sight is Reversible!
So it can be used for both R/H and L/H archers.

Individual Micro-Pin Adjustment
Individually adjust sight pins using supplied 1/6 hex wrench, turn micro-adjustment knob to move individual sightpin up or down.

True Center Vision
T.C.V. is provided due to the Hour-glass or Venturi shape inside the scope which supplies a circular sight picture reference even when viewed slightly off-center.

Armor Fiber Technology
Provides 100% protection to fibers that are fully enclosed inside tubing. No exposed fibers!

Product Codes:
AXATD419 - 4 Pins - 0.019" Pins
AXATD529 - 5 Pins - 0.029" Pins
AXATD519 - 5 Pins - 0.019" Pins
AXATD510 - 5 Pins - 0.010" Pins

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Price: £230.00