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Axcel - Armortech HS HD 5 High Speed Sight
Axcel - Armortech HS HD 5 High Speed Sight

The Armortech HD was voted best Buy Winner, from Inside Archery Magazine, its very first year on the market!

The Armortech-HD packs a punch with its superior patent pending technology, innovative design, and deadly accuracy.

Features fibers that are protected their entire length by Axcels A.F.T.(Armor Fiber Technology) and an innovative scope design T.C.V.(True Center Vision).

Also features 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment, interchangeable right and left hand capabilities, individual micro adjustment on each pin, engraved partial ring at the depth of the sight pins, for greater accuracy when viewed slightly off center.

All Armortech-HD sights include a Mathews Harmonic Damper.

SPEED, SPEED, SPEED! With the ever growing demand of super high speed bows, the HS (High Speed) Option is light years ahead.
Due to our thin pins, target obstruction is reduced and allow you to obtain closer yardage intervals
A.019 fiber size, with 5 or less pins will achieve bow speeds up to 450fps.

Product Code:
0.010" Fibre Pins - AXHS-D510
0.019" Fibre Pins - AXHS-D519

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Price: £230.00