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Carbon Express Launchpad Lighted Nocks Blue
Carbon Express Launchpad Lighted Nocks Blue

Launchpad illuminated precision nocks perform as well as our non-illuminated nocks.
They are the first illuminated nocks to be built to industry-best, exacting specifications.

At an ultra-lightweight 18.5 grains, you won't see a fall-off in downrange accuracy when you hunt with them.

While Launchpad illuminated nocks are built for precision, they also feature LED brightness, a longer battery life and remarkable durability compared to the competition.

Lightest weight and perfectly balanced for superior accuracy

Lightweight design does not reduce arrow front of center (FOC)

High visibility LED

Long-Life battery. Red and Pink (8 hours); Green and Blue (50 hours)

Release Activated

Each nock is manufactured to the highest standards and engineered with four-axis straightness within 0.001". This means that each nock will shoot the same, shot after shot.

It also means that the Launchpad lighted and non-lighted nocks are a matched set for precision shooting.

Pack comes with 3 x Lighted Nocks

Price: £23.95
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