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Opti-Logic Micro 2 Lazer Range Finder
Opti-Logic Micro 2 Lazer Range Finder
Smallest Hand Held Laser Rangefinders ever produced at 3.25 inches L x 2.5 inches H x 1.4 inches W, they are also the lightest, weighing in at only 3.5 oz that 99.2 grams!

Zero magnification provides quick target acquisition, minimizing any eyeglass or eye relief issues 5 CM!. S

maller than your smart phone or PDA, these fully waterproof Laser Rangefinders will go anywhere you go, whether in it's own belt holster or your shirt pocket.

VAC ballistics compensation, any Archer can shoot accurately uphill or downhill with confidence. Our Proprietary VAC accommodates arrow speeds from 250 to 350 FPS.

The Micro II ranges up to 400 yards (non reflective and 800 yards or meters reflective) and automatically calculates archery ballistics up to 100 yards and firearm ballistics for distances in excess of 100 yards.
Price: £284.00