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Nikon Arrow ID 3000 Range Finder
Nikon Arrow ID 3000 Range Finder

Nikon ID (Incline/Decline) Technology

Nikons advanced ID (Incline / Decline) Technology provides the horizontal distance to the target, even when ranging at various incline or decline shooting angles.
This technology is extremely useful to archers or bowhunters, who often hunt out of elevated psoitions.
Rangefinders with ID Technology are also a great tool for crossbow hunters who use Nikons Spot On Ballistic Technology because they provide the exact range needed to determine the correct aiming point needed to compensate for bolt/arrow drop at extended ranges.

Tru-Target Technology

Tru-Target Technology enables users to choose between two different ranging modes depending on the situation.
This feature is especially useful if the subject is located behind tall grass or brush.
The best part is that changing between modes is as easy as holding both buttons for 2 seconds.

Long Eye Relief

Incredibly long, 20.3mm eye relief makes viewing and ranging your target fast and easy.

Compact, Lightweight and Ergonomic design

Nikons Arrow ID 3000 is packed with features that are designed to make your life easier.
From a simple, single button control to the large 18mm ocular, the rangefinder is very user-friendly.
It also features 8 seconds of continuous measurement so that you can scroll across a landscape and pick out the distances of various landmarks.

2-Year Warranty

Nikon Laser Rangefinders are backed by a 2-Year Limited Warranty.

Price: £235.00