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KAP - New Challenger 23" Risers
KAP - New Challenger 23" Risers

W&W have relaunched the KAP brand for 2014 and transferred over the introductory elements of the SF brand.

The Challenger name is back! The new KAP Challenger 23in riser draws much of it's design from the last generation SF Axiom PLUS 23in riser. In fact they are as near as possible identical... even down to the colour choices!

In much the same way the Axiom was the riser of choice for young or beginner archers, the KAP Challenger easily takes over this title.
Each riser is supplied with a basic pressure button, flipper rest, clicker extension and wrenches.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This riser is 23 inches long. Most limbs are rated with a 25 inch riser. When selecting limbs the bow specification will end up 2 inches shorter and 2lbs heavier.

Length: 23 inches
Weight: 1060g
RH models - only
Pressure button included
Flipper rest included
Clicker extension included
Tools included
Accepts International Fitting Limbs
Colours: Black, Blue, Red, Silver

Price: £60.00