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Pak Lite - 429 Super Pak-Lite - White LED
Pak Lite - 429 Super Pak-Lite - White LED

* 2 Super Bright White LED Bulbs​
* High, Low, & Off Modes
* White 12+ hour Glow-in-the-dark Cap (Glows Green)
* 9v Battery Included

Package Contents
Pak-Lite SUPER Glow
9-volt Duracell alkaline battery

About this Pak-Lite
The Pak-Lite SUPER Glow has the Super Glow-in-the-dark plastic cap and the same super bright white LEDs used in the Pak-Lite Super models. With its flat sides, the Pak-Lite Super can stand, lay on its side, mount to your bike's handle bars fit in your coin pocket or shirt pocket, and mount almost anywhere with Velcro making it a very versatile flashlight!

Like natural sunlight, the brilliant white light emitted by these LED bulbs reveals colors in their true sense. With the glow-in-the-dark cap, you can charge the cap up with any white, UV, or blue light source (including a bit from itself). Then place the Pak-Lite on your night stand. For the next few hours will be glowing to assist in finding your flashlight. White LEDs are the best choice for a general purpose flashlight, and they also work great for reading, walking, viewing maps, night-light in hotel rooms when traveling abroad, etc... The Pak-Lite SUPER may be used with any 9v battery.


Bulbs : 2 Super Bright White LED Bulbs (100,000 hrs rating)
Burn Time : 30+ hrs Bright, or 600+ hrs. Soft (5 year shelf life)
Switch : 3-modes: Low - Off - High
# Switch Type: Toggle 100,000 Times on/off with Gold Plated Contacts
Cap Color: Glow-in-the-dark ABS Plastic
Total Weight : 1.5 oz with Battery

Price: £19.00
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