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Spin Pin - Target Pins - Pack of 100
Spin Pin - Target Pins - Pack of 100

The NEW! stronger SpinPin is here!

No more hammering , no more broken pins, no more pins falling out of bosses, no need to stock different pins for different bosses – SpinPin does it all simply and effectively.

Let's face it, traditional target pins simply do not work as well as they should do! If you're not fed up of banging metal target pins into straw bosses with a hammer and watching them just bend, or the plastic ones snap, you're probably fed up of finding them on the floor in front of your foam bosses!

SpinPin was designed not only to stay in both straw and foam bosses much better than any other pin, but also so they could be put in and taken out with the greatest of ease, just a few twists and you're done.

SpinPin was also designed for any age or ability – ideal for schools, the elderly, and disabled archers.

Price: £25.00
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