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Stan Release Aid - PerfeX- Standard & Long Neck
Stan Release Aid - PerfeX- Standard & Long Neck

The PerfeX is an all new blend of pure perfection.
It's not just a new sear design nor is it just a new handle. It is a lighting fast, greasy smooth, crisp as an apple must have piece of equipment that will melt in your hand and disappear into your shot process.

Think of it as ErgoFitTM Technology on steroids with an all new race-car fast searing mechanism that goes from click to bang faster than anything ever put on the market.

Think of it as the culmination of almost 50 years of experience distilled into a single release made to fit in your hand perfectly and release your bow flawlessly. Think PerfeXTM and you will never have to think about your release again.

Sears - VAMP-T
Speed is the name of the game and the VAMP sears have the fastest lock time in the industry minimizing the possibility of string interference.
Not only is the speed faster but we have also expanded the traditional range of trigger tension adjustability from ridiculously light to absurdly heavy and everything in between. All this and the adjustability to set for zero trigger travel. No compromises, just exceptional performance.

Like all of our sears, VAMP sears are made of enhanced 440C stainless steel then hardened to 60 Rockwell and finished with our proprietary polishing process. They're designed to offer the same greasy smooth functionality as their predecessors all in smaller, melt in your hand handle designs.

Currently only available in Medium or Large.

List Price: £265.00
Price: £225.25