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Tophat Wooden Arrow Points - Medieval
Tophat Wooden Arrow Points - Medieval

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The Tophat Medieval Point is a recreation of the medieval bodkin point. The bodkin point was through the longer and sharper shape designed to break through hauberks (chain armour).

Material: Burnished - Steel (Blue - Steel):
The bluing treatment is the inexpensive/most affordable method to optimize the corrosion-resistance. With a chemical process the steel becomes a protecting layer that decreases the corrosion. The black surface is an effect of the chemical process.

Available in:
5/16 -100gn & 11/32 - 125gn

Tophat Medieval Point Technology:

The Tophat Medieval Point is extremely sturdy and through its shape and its weight the Tophat Medieval Point absorbs a lot of energy. Experiments with shootings on hard items show a very high stability of the wooden shaft.

Partially it is popular to forge the round cone of the arrow point to a more flat version after the purchase. It brings the shape even closer to the original version of the Bodkin arrow point.

Centring: Though its conical area in the inner front of the head, it centres perfectly. This leads to a unique true-running accuracy. The flight-characteristics and the pinpoint accuracy are improved.

Easy pulling: The head diameter is broader than the wooden shaft. This feature causes the effect of an expansion at the point of entry. This makes the pulling noticeable easier.

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