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Vertical Bows by Horton

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Cutting edge in design.... Parallel limbs and OS-3 cam. Proven to be the ultimate in accuracy, speed, and forgiveness. Features for Utilization that eliminate noise and vibration without sacrificing shootability.

The Perfect combinations.... All elements necessary for speed, accuracy, and forgiveness, simultaneously engaged in the new OS-3 cam system.

Short. Fast. Exact. Unequivocal to any other bowhunter's bow. Maneuverable in all hunting conditions.

Designed with precise geometrical ingenuity.... offers hunters, target archers, and finger shooters alike, the quality and performance that an accurate shot demands.

EDGE Compound Bow
Incomparable value that does not compromise quality.... Accuracy, smoothness, and plenty of brace height. Mediocrity is not an option for target shooting and hunting.