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Easton XX75 1713 Arrows - inc points
Easton XX75 1713 Arrows - inc points

Price per Arrow £7.45
Discounted 1 Dozen Price £84.00 (£7.00 per Arrow)

These arrows have been professionally made by The Archery Company, using only the best components.

The Easton XX75 Aluminium Arrow shafts, have been fletched using AAE EP23 Fletchings, on top of a DS-Archery Heat Shrink Wrap.
The Price includes the Easton G Nocks. Plus an Easton Glue-in Parabolic Nibb Point
Dragon Spit Glue has been used to secure the components.

Technical Data: Platinum Plus is a premium, intermediate priced shaft for all levels of recreational and competitive archery.

Aerospace alloy surface provides easy removal from high density targets
Permanent, state-of-the-art alloy finish

Guaranteed Straightness +/- 0.002"
Weight Tolerance: +/- 1%
Strength (psi): 96,000

Bare Shaft Statistics:
Garins Per Inch: 7.3
Spine: 1.044"

The picture shown is of the actual arrows you will receive for this order.

We do offer an arrow making service, so if you would like an alternative colour scheme or different components, then please contact us for a quote and timescale.

Price: £7.45
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