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Professional Arrow Making Service per Arrow
Professional Arrow Making Service per Arrow

Let us do the hard work for you - choose our Professional Arrow Making Service

Individual Arrow Made - £1.65

Dozen Arrows Made - £ 18.00 for 12 OR £ 1.50 each.

All arrows will be made on a single jig to ensure consistent fletch position and angle across a set.

We use high quality acetone to clean shafts prior to fletching to get the best adhesion possible.

All Carbon arrows OR aluminium arrows using crest wraps will be fletched with Dragon spit glue.

Aluminium shafts will be fletched with Saunders NPV.

Points & Point inserts will usually be fitted using Dragon spit, to ensure they have the best chance of never coming loose.

However, very small diameter target arrows such as Nanos will have the points fitted using hot melt.

When we fit points we don't just glue them in, we take extra time to ensure they sit concentric in the shaft, and that the arrow will spin-test as straight as possible.

We can always adjust what glue we use where; if you would like something different please let us know.

Please allow a couple of working days for the arrows to be made up.
We will notify you of when your arrows are made and ready to be shipped.

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Price: £1.65
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