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Tophat ML Apex II ID .244 Points
Tophat ML Apex II ID .244 Points

The elongated bullet shaped point features a sharp tip that ensures a straight entry into the target and prevents glance-outs.

Machined from stainless steel to a special profile that fits a large selection of shafts with an inside diameter of .244"
Including Carbon Express:
Maxima Blue Streak 250, 350
Maxima Red 250, 350
Mayhem 250 & Mayhem Hunter 250 (100gn only! 11485)
Hot Pursuit 150, 250
Mutiny 250, 350
Mutiny Slasher 350
Predator II 4560, 6075 LightSpeed, ICS Speed etc

Weight adjustable with two break-off sections

A High Precision Product, made in Germany

Price shown is for 1 Dozen

Price: £26.50