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Badlands - Everything Pocket
Badlands - Everything Pocket

How do you make one of Badlands most popular and versatile accessories of all time even better?
You take Schoeller Keprotec fabric, the best of the durability and lightweight worlds, and add webbing.
The result is the Badlands Tactical Everything Pocket.

Its the perfect addition to our tactical series of packs.
What can be stored in the Everything Pocket? Blowing your mind in 3...2...1.... Everything!

This tactical pocket is ideal for a GPS, cell phone, snacks, Allen wrenches, knives, wallets and much more.

Includes 2 Quick Clips
Holds Everything
Attaches to Anything

Total Weight: 8OZ
Dimensions: 5" X 6" X 3"
Pocket: 1
Volume Main: 50 CI
Volume Total: 50 CI
Price: £29.00
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