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Carbon Express Launchpad Nocks - .244
Carbon Express Launchpad Nocks - .244
Price per nock £0.57p.
Discounted 1 dozen Price £6.24p (52p per nock)

Top shooters know that nocks are an important component of consistent, accurate arrow flight. This insight led Carbon Express engineers to develop the patent-pending LAUNCHPAD precision nock.

The LAUNCHPAD features:
Precise contact points for controlled arrow release.
Concentric design to center the nock in the arrow shaft for more consistent performance.
Aligned nock barrel for true arrow flight.

The NEW LAUNCHPAD Nock delivers precision engineering and perfect balance that ensures superior accuracy for truest flights.

Strength and Durability All Carbon Express nocks are made of polycarbonate for strength and durability.

Weight: 9.9

Suitable for:
250, 350 Maxima RED
250, 350, 450 Maxima Hunter
150, 250, 350 Maxima Blue Streaks
250, 350 Mayhem Hunter
150, 250 Mayhem Hot Pursuit
250, 350 Mayhem
250, 350, 450 PileDriver Hunter
250, 350 Mach 5
250, 350 The Crush
250, 350 Mutiny
4560, 6075 Predator II
150, 250, 350 Heritage
250, 350 Maxima Hunter Matthews Edition
250, 350 Mutiny Slasher

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