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SF Archery - Axiom + Fibre Recurve Limbs
SF Archery - Axiom + Fibre Recurve Limbs

The combination of Fibre glass along with two strips of wood features a higher flexibility than the previous Axiom limbs.

This gives you more comfort and accuracy when shooting even with the lowest poundage.

** Lengths/ Poundage shown on drop down box, are sized with a 25" Riser.
For 23" Risers - the overall bow length will be 2" shorter and poundage, 2 lbs heavier
For Example: a 25" Riser, with the 66" Limbs will be 26lbs, the same limbs but on a 23" Riser will mean the overall bow length is 64", the weight would be 28 lbs

Current Stock is listed on drop down box
However if you would like to Special order one of these risers, it will take approximately 2 to 3 weeks for delivery
Please contact us to check Price and availability if speedy delivery is needed.

Price: £65.00