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Nitro 8125G Recurve Strings One Colour
Nitro 8125G Recurve Strings One Colour

Nitro Strings are also available in the high performance 8125G string material.

8125 Bowstring material
92% SK75 Dyneema,
8% SK 65, Strong and durable with low creep properties.

Available Colours: Black, White, Silver, Red, Blue, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Purple, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Yellow & Fluorescent Orange.

They can make your strings to your specification in any combination of the above colours. The Nitro strings are end/loop served with a translucent material and with a black material for the centre serving

Please Note: - That when ordering your string, please order your BOW LENGTH ONLY.

Strings will be made to standard specifications unless you enter any further details in the box below.

Different manufacturers use differing naming conventions for their limbs, most use the length of the limb, 66, 68 or 70, while a few manufacturers use either a Short, Medium or Long designation. The total length of your bow can usually be found on the rear of the limb where the limb attaches to the riser.

Strings are made to order and can take up to 1 week for delivery. Please contact us for stock levels, if fast delivery is required
Price: £15.15