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Axcel - Curve RX Scope
Axcel - Curve RX Scope

The Curve RX Scope includes several features that have never been offered in the recurve marketplace before:

14mm Aperture Scope Body

#8/32 Stainless Steel Threaded Rod Connection

Round Aperture Discs (3/8", 7/16", 1/2")

Square Aperture Disc

O-Ring (use with aperture disc and no lens)

Lens Retainer

Ring Pin Retainer

Spacer Sleeve (use when Fire Ring Pin is not installed)

Clear Targets "X-Zone" (0x) Zero Power Drilled Lens

Red and Green Fiber Sticks (20mm maximum to meet WA rules and regulations)

Precision Archery Reticles Small Dot Sticker Kit (Black) (use in place of stick fiber)

Only currently available in Black - please contact us to order other colours.
Does not come with a lens

Price: £83.95