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Beginners Wooden Recurve Bow & Kit
Beginners Wooden Recurve Bow & Kit
The Beginners Wooden Recurve Bows are nice looking recurve bows - where most archers start.

Reliable, excellent value for money and very adjustable as limbs are interchangeable. So as you grow in the sport you can adapt the bow's strength and length as suits.

Kit includes:
1 x Wooden Recurve Bow
1 x Arrow Rest - Fitted
1 x Bow String
2 x Brass Nok Sets - Fitted
1 x Recruve Bow Stringer
3 x Carbon Arrows
1 x Basic Finger Tab
1 x Basic Arm Guard
1 x Beginners Quiver

Why not add a Target Package
Kit includes:
3 x Additional Carbon Arrows
1 x 100 x 100 Target Board & Stand
7 x Target Faces
5 x Target Pins

Other optional extras you might want to consider are a sight or Bag to store/ carry your new bow.

If you require a specific combination of length / poundage - then please contact us before purchase.
Price: £100.00