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Core Archery - Pulse Wooden Recurve Bow
Core Archery - Pulse Wooden Recurve Bow

Reliable, excellent value for money and very adjustable as limbs are interchangeable. So as you grow in the sport you can adapt the bow's strength and length as suits.

Available in a range of weights and sizes to suit a wide range of archers.

Available in R/H or L/H 54", 62", 66", 68" or 70"
Poundages from 14 - 38lbs.

Bow comes with:
Arrow rest (fitted)
Brass Nok sets (fitted)
Bow Stringer

Item usually in stock. Stock will be clear from selection
If Item is out of stock - usually 2 - 3 weeks for delivery
However if you require a specific Riser/ Limb combination then please contact us to check availability.
Price: £57.00