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Mathews Genesis Compound Bow - Coloured Kit
Mathews Genesis Compound Bow - Coloured Kit
A fantastic bow for everyone to use!

As these bows are easier to pull than recurves and send the arrow out faster than an equivalent recurve, most people get more success quicker,hit the target more often and can aim for longer.

It has a Zero Percentage Let-off. No specific draw length and an adjustable poundage.
It is especially suited to corporate entertainment, families and activity camps, as it is incredibly strong and versatile.

Available in Right or Left Hand Models. Special Camo Finish

Kit includes:
1 x Matthews Genesis Bow
1 x Arrow Rest - Fitted
2 x Brass Nok Sets - Fitted
3 x Carbon Arrows
1 x Basic Finger Tab
1 x Basic Arm Guard
1 x Beginners Quiver

Why not add a Target Package for an additional £55.00
Kit includes:
3 x Additional Carbon Arrows
1 x Target Board & Stand
7 x Target Faces
5 x Target Pins

Other optional extras you might want to consider are a Release Aid, A Pin sight, A Peep Sight or Bag to store/ carry your new bow.

*Please note that if you pay the difference to upgrade to a Release Aid you will not receive a Finger Tab.

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However if you would like to Special order one of these bows, it will take approximately 2 to 3 weeks for delivery

Price: £190.00