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DS - Archery 3.33oz Tungsten Stabiliser Weight
DS - Archery 3.33oz Tungsten Stabiliser Weight

The latest addition to the DS-Archery family is out 3.3oz Tungsten weight.

You will receive only ONE 3.33oz Tungsten Weight.

Why choose Tungsten over Stainless Steel?

Tungsten is approximately twice as heavy as Stainless Steel.
Less / smaller weights means a smaller stack - More Streamlined so less effected by the wind.
Having a smaller stack of weights gives increased stability.

For an example of the benefits:

4 x 3.33oz Tungsten Stack weights = 13.3oz
Total Length of 4cm - Total Width - 2.7cm


1 x Standard 12.5oz Stainless Steel Lump Weight
Total Length of 4.2cm - Total Width - 4cm.

Price: £34.00