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Tophat Arrow Stopper 6pk
Tophat Arrow Stopper 6pk
Tophat Arrow Stopper.

Works with arrow shafts between 7-8mm thick. (9/32" to 5/16")

This Great new stopper helps to prevent your arrows from burying in to the ground.

The stopper is placed over the shaft and is secured with a rubber 0-ring both front and back. When your arrows hits a target OR soft ground the stopper is pushed back along the shaft as the stopper resists being embeded.

Can be used with Wood, Carbon and Aluminium arrows

The stoppers are specially designed so they do not create any additional damage to targets than a standard point.

Sold in packs of 6.
i.e. Enter 1 in the quantity box to order one pack of 6 stoppers.
Price: £12.95
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