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Pak-Lite - 815 - Battery Clip
Pak-Lite - 815 - Battery Clip

Mount a Pak-Lite on a wall or desk and aim the flashlight's beam in almost any direction.

What's in the bag?
One (1) 9-Volt Battery Holder and
One (1) Little Screw (flashlight sold separately).

Where to use it with a Pak-Lite:
A night light in your RV or Camper (use Pak-Lite on Low mode)
Night reading light for your desk or bed's headboard
In your basement for a stair light (e.g. where no other power is available) ...etc.

How it Works:
Use the included Screw to mount the 9-Volt Battery Holder to anything wood* (and possibly plastic too).
Tighten the screw until the Battery Holder rotates with a little resistance.
Then insert a Pak-Lite's attached 9-Volt Battery into the Holder as shown in the photo.
The single hole in the Battery Holder allows the device to swiveling 360 degrees. This makes for easy adjustments and you can have the Pak-Lite's beam of light right where you need it.

Required Tools:
A small phillip tip screw driver (not included).

*The Battery Holder can also be attached to a sheet rock wall. Use a regular sheet rock screw to go through the sheet rock and into a stud (sheet rock screw not included).

Price: £2.50
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