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Pak-Lite - 816 - Lanyard
Pak-Lite - 816 - Lanyard

The Pak-Lite Lanyard allows for easy hanging of a Pak-Lite on a hook, backpack, etc.

What's in the bag?
One (1) Blue Lanyard (flashlight sold separately).

To Attach The Lanyard:
1st method: Attach to the large snap of battery via a double half hitch knot (see photo). Then snap your Pak-Lite Flashlight onto the 9-volt battery.

2nd method: Or for best results, take a small (5/64 in.) drill bit (or a hot nail) and drill a small hole in the side of the Pak-Lite's Plastic Cap (see photo). Through this hole, the Lanyard can be attached to the large snap on the battery via a double half hitch knot (see photo).

The 2nd method prevents the Pak-Lite from being snapped off the battery in the event that the Lanyard is given a hard yank.

Changing the Battery:
Simply unsnap the Pak-Lite, and then remove the Lanyard by undoing the double half hitch knot.

Price: £2.40