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Pak-Lite - 448 UV Pak-lite - Purple Top - UV LED's
Pak-Lite - 448 UV Pak-lite - Purple Top - UV LED's

* Two UV (Black-Light) LED Bulbs
* High/Low & Off Modes
* Used In Forensic Work
* Makes Scorpions Glow Green
* 9v Battery Included

Package Contents
Pak-Lite UV LED Bulb High/Low Flashlight
9-volt battery

About this Pak-Lite
The UV, also known as ultraviolet or black light, makes fluorescent colors stand out from their surroundings.

You can use the UV to detect:
Counterfeit Paper Money
Antique Marbles
Gems such as Diamonds and Rubies
Blood, Scabies, and White Tooth Fillings


Bulbs : Two UV LED Bulbs (395nm - 400nm) (100,000 hour rating)
Burn Time : 75+ hrs Bright, or 600+ hrs. Soft
Switch : 3-modes: Low - Off - High
# Switch Type: Toggle 100,000 Times on/off with Gold Plated Contacts
Cap Color: Purple ABS Plastic
Total Weight : 1.5 oz with Battery

Price: £25.00