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Tophat Wooden Arrow Points - Steel Bullet 17/64"
Tophat Wooden Arrow Points - Steel Bullet 17/64"

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Bullet - Shape:
This classic form is used very often in Fita target shooting. Through its round shape it is a little gentler to the target and easier to drag out.

Material: Steel - Nickel (Stni):
This arrowhead is made of nickel-plated steel. Nickel makes the arrowhead gleam slivery and increases the corrosion-resistance.

Available in:
6.8mm (9/32") - 30gn; 50gn; 70gn

Tophat Classic Technology:
The Tophat Classic arrow point stands for innovation in the sector of wooden arrows. For the first time there is an arrow point that stays on the shaft without glue and tapering. Glue, taper tool and cone sharpener are no longer necessary.

Installation: The arrow point has to be twisted on the blunt shaft. Through the tread in the inside of the arrow point, shaft and head are strongly anchored and a self-initiated loosening is not possible.

Centring: Though its conical area in the inner front of the head, it centres perfectly. This leads to a unique true-running accuracy. The flight-characteristics and the pinpoint accuracy are improved.

Easy pulling: The head diameter is broader than the wooden shaft. This feature causes the effect of an expansion at the point of entry. This makes the pulling noticeable easier.

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