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SPECIAL OFFER -Black Eagle Arrow Shafts Challenger
Black Eagle Arrow Shafts Challenger

This shaft is what superior carbon technology is all about.

With un-matchable tolerances in spine, weight and straightness. This shaft is sure to be a "Challenger" in both 3-D and Indoor competition.

The spine and lightweight GPI's make this extremely durable shaft popular among 3-D shooters. With this shaft having matching spines and weights to our "Magnum" shaft it enables the indoor target shooters to avoid drastically changing setups.

***Challenger Shafts DO NOT come with bushings, nocks, points, vanes***

***Hot Melt is NOT recommended for use with Black Eagle Arrow Shafts***

*Straightness: 0.001" max.
*Straightness: 0.003" max.
*Weight tolerance: 0.5 grains

Spine 300, Inner Diameter .315", Outer Diameter .353", GPI 7.9
Spine 350, Inner Diameter .315", Outer Diameter .351", GPI 7.4
Spine 400, Inner Diameter .315", Outer Diameter .349", GPI 6.9

Challenger Ultra Light
Spine 30-50lb, Inner Diameter .315", Outer Diameter .349", GPI 6.2

List Price: £132.00
Price: £95.00

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