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SPECIAL OFFER - Carbon Express CXL - PRO Arrow Shafts
Carbon Express CXL - PRO Arrow Shafts


Normal Price per Shaft £15.40
Discounted 1 Dozen Price £168.00 (£14.00 per Shaft)

NOW Only £13.00 per shaft - that's £156.00 a dozen

The CXL Pro performs even better than its predecessors.
The lightest line-cutting shaft in the Carbon Express portfolio, its large diameter optimizes a shooters ability to cut the line for a higher score.

The CXL Pro is available in three sizes to fit all draw weights and meets all IFAA, NAA and FITA standards. Spine-selected for a consistent matched set.

Shaft - 150 Grains Per Inch - 5.9 Spine - 0.504 Diameter - 0.348

Shaft - 250 Grains Per Inch - 6.4 Spine - 0.417 Diameter - 0.350

Shaft - 350 Grains Per Inch - 7.2 Spine - 0.361 Diameter - 0.354

Patented Diamond Weave unparalleled spine consistency

BullDog nock collar unrelenting strength and durability for nock end impacts

Straightness: 0.0025" max.

Weight tolerance: 1.0 grains

The Carbon Express CXL Pro Arrow Shafts are sold with standard Nocks pre - fitted and Bulldog Collars

Examples of components that fit these shafts are shown below.
Be sure to check that the components you choose fit the Spine size of your shafts

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List Price: £15.40
Price: £13.00

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